Designing good architecture that is functional, beautiful, on-budget is not easy, and architects have to do all this whilst keeping their principles in mind. It raises a question, have you ever thought why you like one building compared to another?

Quite often good architecture is largely ignored by the general public, and we don’t study buildings enough to understand the elements that make them great. But without good architecture our towns and cities would be rather miserable and drab places. Good architecture should enhance a space and make us stop to admire, but how does it do this?


The best buildings are not the most expensive, and they should be functional so that they improve the economic flow of their purpose. When designing a building for business purposes then the major consideration should be how do you increase traffic flow. What is the goal of the business? And where to locate it? What kind of traffic will they generate? And what will help to drive even more traffic? Great architecture can accomplish all this in an old and small space, bringing life into a disused part of town.

Quality of Life

Can looking good and feeling good be applied to buildings? If all your space has is just four bare walls and a door then it would not be a very desirable place to live. Architects add creativity to their buildings; they add art and design in beauty. They also enhance our daily lives by giving great views and by building up communities. Studies have shown that towns with good architecture have created stronger communities with healthy businesses and good commerce.


Your living space must provide balance, and that is critical into designing good architecture. The building has to flow correctly, and it must be easy to move around inside. A well-designed building can bring a balance to people’s lives, and can make them more productive and efficient. Look at the best hospitals, and schools. They ensure that patients get treated quickly and provide great environments for young people to learn. It is a fact that workplaces that have been designed well and have good architecture experience an increased rate of productivity.


Good architecture improves with the times, it embraces new technologies, materials, building methods, and the new modern needs of its users. It has to evolve as society does, so that it can meet our ever-changing demands especially concerning the environment. Modern buildings that have been well designed are also better for our health, they encourage us to act more healthily and engage with the building.

So, the next time you are out and about in your town and city, study the buildings. Did the architect achieve the four goals listed above? If so, what are the interesting factors? If not, why did he fail? You need to understand your environment otherwise you will never get the best out of it, and a large part of doing that is by appreciating the buildings.