How Architecture Varies from Country to Country

The cultural differences between countries all around the world are what make this world so exciting and unique, and also the reason many people love to travel so much. There are many domains in which we can see these differences and one of the most obvious ones is in architecture. From the very beginning of human existence, we see that different regions and countries had specific architectural styles based on their culture and history. We are here to show you some examples of interesting architecture in various countries.


Best known for being the largest country on the planet, Russia has a very interesting mixture of architectural styles, but the most vibrant one is Rococo. This style was established during the 17th and 18th century when cities like St. Petersburg were built. The purpose of this heavy and glamorous form was to show the other European countries that Russia was a wealthy and powerful state, worthy of international status and regard. This Rococo style is truly stunning and is sure to take your breath away.


Following the footsteps of some of the greatest artists and architects in history can be done easily by walking along the streets of Italian cities. Their Baroque style can be seen on every corner and it´s clear that the Italians are very proud of their cultural past. The particular design of Baroque is very fond of details and decorative statues that remind us of the days of Michelangelo. It is a very beautiful style that shows the long and truly creative side of this country.


India is known for being one of the most populous countries on the planet. It is no wonder that, besides the amazing temples and culture, the architecture is incredible. Most of the buildings that are a bit older than the 20th century show the deep religious and cultural connection people have with their history. Small towers and colorful walls are just some examples of how India shows off its culture with pride and beauty.


Japanese architecture is one of the most pleasant to observe thanks to the unique design that is combined with practicality. The old castles seem to have been plucked right out of a story book and there are still many houses that are built on traditional wooden structures. The purity and usefulness of the structures here shows the long history of this country and the overall love for tradition and discipline that can still be seen in Japanese culture.


This country is scattered with palaces and temples that all follow the old architectural style. Nowadays, there more futuristic buildings appearing in the cities but the old imperial style that dominated the Chinese architecture has not disappeared. Bright colors, large rooms and huge buildings were constructed in order to show the power and wealth of the imperial family. Architecture is something that will always tell you a little about the history and culture of a region.