Young Architects Making A Name for Themselves

When we travel to any city or urban area, we are of course surrounded by buildings of one form or another. In our day to day life we are not normally concerned with the form of the structures but more likely their function, as it pertains to us and our needs. However, there are occasions when we are struck by the beauty or seemingly incongruous nature of a building so much that we just have to stop in our tracks.

What’s in A Name?

We will perhaps marvel at the structure and even record the moment with a photograph or a post on social media, but do we know to whom we owe this experience? More often than not the architect whose vision is transformed into a building will remain largely unknown to the general public, unless their curiosity or admiration encourages them to do some research. But without these adventurous and pioneering souls, the evolution of cities and all manner of environments would not exist. Highlighting a few young rising stars in this field may encourage you to pay closer attention to their work and innovation and hopefully the field of architecture in general.

Ones to Watch

Nicolas Moreau and wife Hiroko Kusunoki are Paris based architects who have already been making waves, winning the Guggenheim Helsinki competition a few years ago. Their museum work has at times been controversial, but they remain committed to their vision of accessibility for all and are taking their designs global. Melike Altinisik is a young architect based in Istanbul who has made her mark on urban landscapes worldwide. She founded her own studio and works primarily on larger projects involving parks, museums and housing complexes. The combination of utilitarian and pleasing aesthetics is always a difficult balance to achieve but one at which she seems to excel. Bjarke Ingels heads up the BIG group of architects based in Copenhagen, New York and London. Incorporating everything from design to actual building and interior design this innovative group have made their mark on such projects as 2 World Trade Center; and to learn more about the ambitious work of this inspiring artist you can listen to him as he gives a TED talk.

Ones to Watch

Architect Maria Smith is part of a creative team that also includes engineers Andy Yates and Steve Webb. They made their mark with the art deco building in London known as the Hoover Building which they converted into flats. Their work demonstrates an artistry and vision that shows their innovation and sense of adventure when it comes to design. Kurt Neiswnder, based in Michigan USA believes in the need to find ways to integrate urban landscapes with solutions to local problems. This was recently demonstrated by his founding of a project that addresses the issues caused by Flint’s water crisis in that region. Worldwide young architects are working hard to bring design innovation, pleasing and exciting aesthetics and urban solutions that speak to ever changing demands for sustainability and conservation. Next time you see a building that stops you in your tracts, take time to consider the path which lead to its creation.